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Axis Medical Announces its Soon-To-Be Feature in Discovery Channel’s Show Operation Healing Heroes

Filming Occurring at Axis Medical on July 27, 2023

Virginia Beach— July 26, 2023 Axis Medical is thrilled to announce that The Discovery Channel will be on location in Hampton Roads, capturing the extraordinary work of Dr. Marion Constantinides at Axis Medical in Virginia Beach. This exclusive opportunity will showcase the remarkable impact and invaluable contributions made by Dr. Constantinides, captivating the nation’s attention.

“The comprehensive treatment provided at Axis Medical truly transforms lives and rekindles a person’s passion for living. It lifts the fog that illness or trauma causes that can weigh people down. The treatment often surpasses substandard medications and some psychological care that many patients previously received. Axis Medical has not only improved our patients well-being, but it has even healed the wounds that suffering from trauma and illness inflicts on a persons entire family. Their extraordinary intervention has brought families back together, fostering a new sense of optimism and harmony. More than anything, Axis Medical restores a person’s hope.” said Julie Megaro, Nurse Practitioner at Axis Medical.

Positive Patient Impact

Several active duty military, military veterans, first responders and civilians suffering from PTSD or other trauma-related conditions, including childhood trauma, have benefited greatly from the services Axis Medical’s clinicians have provided. Most patients have an 80% improvement rate in as little as 6 months. J., a patient at Axis Medical, is the recipient of this specialty care from one of the providers at Axis Medical, Dr. Marion Constantinides, DC.

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Mr. J., formerly Chief Petty Officer J. had an exemplary career that surpassed all expectations: soaring up the ranks, earning outstanding evaluations throughout multiple combat deployments, and amassing a collection of medals and commendations, including a valor-filled Bronze Star. One of Chief J.’s commanding officers aptly described him to be “the bedrock of the department”.

PTSD, Concussion Therapy Near Me, Concussion, Stem Cells, Jordan Young, Atlantic Orthopedics, Concussion Specialist


As an explosives ordnance disposal technician, J. fearlessly detected and neutralized innumerable improvised explosive devices, designed to harm U.S. forces and their allies. While serving in the Middle East, the heavy duty convoy he was traveling in was ambushed. The vehicle J. rode in struck an IED, he was thrown out of the vehicle, landing face down in the dirt and was rendered unconscious. When he came to, he awoke to a firefight with enemy forces, without thinking J. reflexively began returning fire even though he had sustained multiple life threatening injuries.

PTSD, Concussion Therapy Near Me, Concussion, Stem Cells, Jordan Young, Atlantic Orthopedics, Concussion Specialist


Sent Back to the War Zone Before Healing

PTSD, Concussion Therapy Near Me, Concussion, Stem Cells, Jordan Young, Atlantic Orthopedics, Concussion Specialist

J.’s Spinal cord was almost completely severed

After being medevacked for those injuries the military deemed him too valuable to pull from the combat field and he was sent back to the war zone.  J. did not have an opportunity to recover fully from the concussion and physical injuries he had sustained. Despite this, J. was determined to finish his last mission and complete his tour of duty. During this time he suffered bouts of depression, PTSD, and anxiety as a result of the trauma he had experienced in the Middle East.



Brain Betrayal When Back on U.S. Soil

Soon after, J.’s memory began to falter. Organizing his thoughts became a challenge, and tasks that once came effortlessly now perplexed him.

PTSD, Concussion Therapy Near Me, Concussion, Stem Cells, Jordan Young, Atlantic Orthopedics, Concussion Specialist

Functional Scan Showing Abnormal Brain Activity

The mounting pressure from his commanders at his new post at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek only added to his disorientation. Within a mere four months at Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 2, J.’s distinguished 13-year career teetered on the edge of collapse. Subpar evaluations for uncompleted assignments piled up, culminating in one that accused him of showing disloyalty to the mission. The once role model warrior was rejected for a long-awaited promotion, and he found himself abruptly removed from two positions.



The Experts at Axis Medical

J. initially became a patient at Axis Medical in hopes of finding a solution for the physical pain he continually suffered as a result of the injuries he sustained from being ambushed. What he gained was much more than he ever expected! To complement the services provided for his physical care, Dr. Constantinides also uses a tried and tested program unlike any other to challenge long term ramifications from PTSD.   What sets this program apart is its groundbreaking utilization of clinical nutrition and immersive emotional desensitization techniques to restore the mind and body to normal functioning. By focusing on rebalancing and regaining control over the fight-or-flight pathway, it not only improves physical and mental health but also delivers near instant results.

This groundbreaking approach stands in stark contrast to medications that alter the nervous system or talk therapy that gradually tackles trauma and stressors over years. Instead, this program empowers individuals with the personal strength and resilience to accept, process, and triumph over their traumas, leading to deeper healing and an unparalleled long-term success rate.

“I can move again and find myself much more focused during the day. I am sleeping much better at night.” said Mr. J., “I am focusing and able to multi-task easier than before.”



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