I’ve seen at least five traditional chiropractors in my lifetime before seeing Dr. Marion Constantinides – and I don’t have any plans of seeing anyone else!!!

I am a weekend warrior. I’m always training for cycling or running events, and I love to kayak, surf and play pickle ball. Needless to say, my body is always in need of chiropractor adjustment.

I have a horrible philosophy — I play hard knowing Marion will put me back together. She has helped me to stay active as a 50+ year old woman!!

I like her technique and how she ‘muscle tests’ my body with her Applied Kinesiology knowledge, then makes the adjustments.

I have gone through some very traumatic events in my life and my body has held those memories in certain areas of my body and Marion has helped me release them through her chiropractic care and Applied Kinesiology.

I always prefer a holistic medicine approach like Marion provides, before traditional medicine.

– Debbie Foytik

Portsmouth, Virginia

Dr. Constantinides took over from my previous chiropractor who retired, and when she moved her practice from Norfolk to Virginia Beach, I immediately moved with her. I firmly believe in being with the right chiropractor, not just the right practice.

Dr. C. first maintained and then improved on the level of care I was previously receiving. I have an appointment with her at least once a month. I view this as essential maintenance, an investment that will promote my overall health into old age.

She has improved my health in many ways, but the best example is when I almost crawl into her chiropractor clinic… and walk out a new man. I firmly believe my overall health would be compromised if I were not visiting Dr. C. monthly. She helps me maintain long-term health too.

I play the organ – very bad for backs, which are unsupported during long hours of practice. Many organists use chiropractors or practice Alexander technique. Here’s a photo of me at the organ bench of an instrument built in Hamburg, Germany in 1693. Bach played this organ – really!

What separates Dr. C from other chiropractors is that she listens and responds to my comments on what is hurting and where. Together, we have reached a refined understanding of my skeletal frame, so Dr. C. can zero in on what is currently causing problems and fix them efficiently.

Furthermore, she now has a longer-term perspective of my skeletal health, so we can discuss what I can do to minimize recurring problems.

In short, Dr. C. cures but also advises on prevention!

– John Dixon

Virginia Beach, VA

I was seeing two different chiropractors two to three times a week and I was still having leg and back problems and not getting any better.

I made an appointment with Dr. Constantinides after my son told me about her.

She approached my problem different and found that I had one leg longer than the other.

My legs used to go numb a lot, but now they’re much better because of her chiropractic care. That means I’ve been able to eliminate about 10 chiropractor clinic visits a month, and now see Dr. Constantinides twice a month.

The way she approaches the problem and the knowledge she has on different types of treatments are the best I’ve ever seen.

– Tommy Clay

Portsmouth, Virginia

After my knee surgery I had significant pain while walking. My wife Claire recommended Dr. Constantinides to me.

Dr. C gave me a 3-point plan: work with her chiropractor clinic and allow her to manipulate me as required; lose weight; and go gluten free.

Within 60 days I was 90% pain free – quite extraordinary. I also got off Motrin, another significant milestone. She has also helped me with my neck and headaches.

As a general rule I am allergic to doctors, but I am thrilled to know Dr. C. She has immensely improved my health and life. Walking pain-free is huge and Dr C put me on the road to recovery and I could not have done it without her.

She is a chiropractor and kinesiologist who listens, does not waste time, and is very good at what she does.

– Dick Bedford

Virginia Beach, VA

I have struggled with my weight all my life. A year before my wedding, I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. The trainer put me on a 1200 calorie-a-day diet and had me in the gym 6 days a week.

After 8 months I had only lost 25 pounds and swore to never spend that much time and money losing weight ever again. After having my two children, I struggled again to lose the weight but now I had neither the time nor patience to join a gym and spend another 8 months killing myself.

I tried working out at home and drinking Slim Fast, but after 3 months I had only lost 10 pounds. My husband was due to return from deployment and I wanted faster results, so I turned to the internet and found Dr. Constantinides and her Health’s Evolution Weight Management program. I lost a total of 25 pounds in 38 days on Evolution!

Dr. Constantinides was there for me every step of the way. At our first consultation she told me that I was a perfect candidate for this plan and I should see some real results. She also warned me that it wouldn’t be easy, but she would be there to guide me through the entire process.

When I had a problem I just picked up the phone and she was right there to help. We met for a weekly consult to discuss my weight loss and address any questions or issues I had. She was amazing!

Dr. C’s weight loss program taught me how to incorporate healthy food back into my diet and eat better. I learned about portion control and how to say NO to foods I shouldn’t eat. Through this process, I lost my dependency on carbohydrates and sugar, which helps keep the weight off.

Dr. C is a great listener and always has new and fresh ideas on how to make this diet work for you. My lifestyle is complicated as a Navy wife. But Dr. C helped me through my weight loss by guiding me on what to eat in order to keep up with such a hectic life. She took great care of me and is always there when I need her.

– Deanna Vargas

Virginia Beach, VA

My three-month old daughter Lydia decided to go on a nursing strike and hadn’t had a bowel movement in nearly a week. She was miserable, as were my husband and I.

I posted a request for advice on the Facebook page of a parenting site, but the few things I tried did not work. Dr. C saw the request and responded to me directly that she thought she could help.

After Lydia’s first visit to Dr. C’s chiropractor office, she began to nurse on one side and had several bowel movements over the course of the next 24 hours. Dr. C identified that there were two issues: Lydia had a knot in her neck that prevented her from turning her head to one side; and, mid back and lower back subluxations prevented her from having regular bowel movements.

Amazingly, after just 20 minutes of slight manipulation, Lydia could turn her head freely. She quickly resumed her full nursing pattern, and hasn’t had an irregular day since (it’s been over two months). She’s a less fussy baby and sleeps more peacefully.

Dr. C also taught me how to massage the nerves along Lydia’s spin to help keep her regular. She is a much happier baby!

Dr. C’s extensive medical knowledge and genuine concern for her patients have won our complete trust. She even contacted me frequently over that first weekend to check in on Lydia and me and to cheer us on.

– Holly Christopher

Norfolk, VA

I became more interested in fitness activities such as running and cycling after college, and I was having knee pain that prevented me from running completely. I also suffered from daily pain due to plantar fasciitis.

I tried simple stretching techniques, which didn’t really help.

Dr. Constantinides has taught me helpful methods to prevent knee pain which have allowed me to improve my level of fitness over the years. Due to her chiropractic care, I am no longer experiencing any knee pain when running.

She also prescribed orthotics for me to wear in my shoes which have led to complete elimination of plantar fasciitis pain. Her chiropractor clinic in Virginia Beach has guided me through countless aches, pains and injuries associated with long-distance cycling, allowing me to perform my best.

Dr. C has provided me with excellent chiropractic care, knowledge and tools to help me be more in tune with my body, especially in regards to running and cycling, and has therefore improved my quality of life! She is also a nutrition expert and has taught me the importance of nutritional effects on the body.

Dr. C is a caring chiropractor who is knowledgeable about the important connections that the body has within itself. She is also a master problem solver and works hard to explore all avenues that a particular health problem may stem from, whether, body or mind-related.

– Dr. Val Foytik

Portsmouth, VA